Ministry of Health Lesotho

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About the Ministry


The mission of health and social welfare sector is to facilitate an establishment and system that delivers quality health care efficiently and equitably, and that will guarantee social welfare for all.


The VISION of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare is based on three key principles:

Ø  Universal coverage

Ensuring optimal access to basic healthcare services to all members of society including those in hard to reach places                   

Ø  Social justice

Ensuring that those in greatest need have easy access to care

Ø  Equity

Ensuring that access to care is based on need rather than ability to afford


 The goal of the health sector, which contributes to the vision of the country's development is to have a healthy

population, living quality and productive life by 2020.




Corner of Linare Road and Constitution Road, Maseru 100, Lesotho
Ministry of Health Lesotho